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Mid Century Modern Glass Top Nesting Tables

These are 2 sets of mid century modern sets of glass top nesting tables.  Each set has 3 tables that fit within each other in descending size.  The first set has brass frames in a faux bamboo design, and glass tops.  Dimensions of largest table: 19″W x 13″D x 17″H, medium table: 17″W x 13″D x 16″H, smallest table: 15″W x 13″D x 14″H.  The second set has solid wood frames with brass accents and glass tops. Dimensions of largest table: 21″W x 14″D x 22″H, medium table: 19″W x 14″D x 19″H, smallest table: 17″W x 14″D x 17″H.

brass faux bamboo nesting tables 1

mcm brass and wood nesting tables 1

Both sets are sold.

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