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Posts from the ‘Art & Sculpture’ Category

Vintage Signed Ballerina & Violinist Sculptures

These are 2 vintage artist signed sculptures of a young ballerina and violinist. The ballerina is set in wood with a beautiful wood grain, signed on the back, circa 1979, with the artist’s history on the bottom. The violinist is also artist signed on the back, circa 1980 and has a sweeping art deco feel. Dimensions of ballerina: 15″W x 9.5″H x 8″D base, 13″D overall depth. Dimensions of violinist: 8″ W x 4″ D x 20″ H.

1 artist signed Ballerina sculpture is available: $250

1 artist signed Violinist sculpture is available: $250

Vintage Brazilian Butterfly Serving Tray

This is a vintage handmade butterfly serving tray from Brazil.  The solid wood tray is bordered with inlaid marquetry.  Under the glass top, it features a vibrant iridescent blue butterfly in the middle, framed by semi-circles of smaller wings, with a pop of yellow wings in the background.  Dimensions: 20″W x 13″D x 1″H.

vintage butterfly tray 1

1 Vintage Butterfly tray is available: $150

Mid Century Modern Brutalist Art Wall Hanging & Sculptures

These are four mid century modern Brutalist art sculptures. The first is a Brutalist metal wall hanging sculpture of butterflies in flight: 8.5″W x 4″D x 30″H. The second is Brutalist sculpture of a trio of cattails, set in wood: 13″W x 5″D x 37″H. The third is a free standing Brutalist sculpture of a pair of daisies, set in wood: 3.5″W x 3.5″D x 30″H. The fourth is a Brutalist sculpture of a trio of fishes, set in wood: 10″W x 2.5″D x 16″H.

1 Brutalist wall sculpture of butterflies is available: $350

1 Brutalist wall sculpture of cattails is available: $225

1 Brutalist wall sculpture of flowers is available: $150

1 Brutalist wall sculpture of fish is sold.

Mid Century Modern Brutalist Covered Bridge Wall Sculpture by Curtis Jere

metal This is a mid century modern Brutalist wall art sculpture of a covered bridge in the country, signed by Curtis Jere. Dimensions: 41″W x 15″H.

1 Curtis Jere covered bridge wall sculpture is available: $395

Vintage Fabric Mounted Wall Art Hanging of Birds

This is a vintage fabric wall art hanging of birds and cherry blossoms, mounted on a wood frame. Dimensions: 42″W x 30″H.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cherry-blossom-and-birds-fabric-wall-hanging.jpg


Mid Century Modern Brutalist Cattail Sculpture

This is a mid century modern Brutalist cattail sculptures set in a block of cork.  Dimensions: 8.5″W x 4.5″D x 22″H.


Mid Century Modern Brutalist Sunburst Wall Sculpture

This is a mid century modern Curtis Jere style Brutalist sculpture wall hanging of a sunburst with flocking birds. Dimensions: 38″W x 20″H.


Mid Century Modern Brutalist Bridge Wall Sculpture Art by Curtis Jere

This is a mid century modern metal brutalist wall sculpture art of a bridge with sailboats, in original condition with a beautiful patina. It is signed by the designer Curtis Jere. Dimensions: 36″W x 24″H.


Mid Century Modern Pottery Cats by Rosemary Taylor

These are two mid century modern signed studio pottery cats by the artist Rosemary Taylor.  This ceramicist was known for her unglazed earthenware style and simple clean design.  Dimensions: 3.5″W x 3.75″D x 8.5″H.

Rosemary Taylor cats 1


Mid Century Modern Brutalist Wall Sculpture

This is a mid century modern Brutalist wall sculpture hanging of birds in flight over tall grasses. Dimensions: 38.5″W x 245″H.


Mid Century Modern Sunburst Mirror

This is a mid century modern round mirror with a beautiful sunburst design. It is made of cast iron and has a hanging hook in the back. Dimensions: 36″ diameter.


Mid Century Modern Japanese Wood Monkeys

These are a family of 3 rare collectible mid century modern Japanese solid wood monkeys.  Their arms and legs are movable.  Dimensions: Two larger monkeys: 5.5″W x 5.5″H.  Smaller monkey: 4″W x 3.5″H.

Family of monkeys 1