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Posts from the ‘Bookshelf’ Category

Mid Century Modern Brass and Glass Shelving Unit

This is a mid century modern brass and glass shelving unit with 6 tiers and an asymmetrical design.  Dimensions: 42″W x 16″D x 79.5″H.  Accessories not included.


Mcm Brass and glass shelving unit 1.JPG

1 Mcm brass shelving unit is available: $850

Mid Century Modern Cabinet Shelving Unit

This is mid century modern cabinet shelving unit with 4 dovetailed drawers, 6 shelves on the sides, and tapered legs.  Dimensions: 44″W x 19″D x 37.5″H.

Mcm bar shelving unit with drawers 1


Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Corner Shelving Unit

This is a mid century modern Danish teak corner shelving unit with 6 shelves.  The top 5 shelves are adjustable and/or removable depending on your preference of arrangement.  Dimensions: 37″W x 20″D x 76.5″H.

Danish Teak Corner Shelving Unit 1


Mid Century Modern Slatted Coffee Table Bench

This is a mid century modern slatted coffee table bench with angled sides and tapered legs.  Dimensions: 60″W x 18″D x 16″H.

mcm slatted coffee table bench 1


Mid Century Modern Lane Acclaim Cabinet

This is a mid century modern multi-function cabinet from the Lane Acclaim series.  It has their signature dovetailed design on both doors, and an inside shelf.  The bottom shelf can hold records.  Dimensions: 32″W x 17.5″D x 29.5″H.

Lane Acclaim cabinet 1

Lane Acclaim cabinet 2


Mid Century Modern Shelving Unit

This is a mid century modern shelving unit with a cool retro atomic vibe, and tapered splayed legs.  It has 2 smaller shelves up top, and a larger height adjustable shelf on the bottom.  Dimensions: 42″W x 13″D x 35″H.

Mcm shelving unit with splayed legs 1


Mid Century Modern Bookshelf

This is a mid century modern bookshelf made of solid wood with brass tipped tapered legs.  Dimensions: 36”W x 12”D x 30”H.

Mcm bookshelf with brass legs 3.JPG


Mid Century Modern China Cabinet Hutch Shelf Unit by BasicWitz

This is a mid century modern china cabinet hutch shelf unit by BasicWitz. The top hutch unit has 2 sliding glass doors that are removable, and 3 shelves. The bottom unit has 2 dovetailed drawers, 2 doors with additional storage below. Accessories sold separately.  Dimensions: 36.5”W x 15”D x 63”H.

BasicWitz china cabinet hutch 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Bookshelf

This is amid century modern bookshelf.  It has a beautiful wood grain and brass tipped tapered legs.  Dimensions: 36”W x 12”D x 26”H.  Accessories sold separately.

mcm mini bookshelf 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Shelf Hutch Cabinet by Stanley

This is a mid century modern book shelf hutch cabinet by Stanley.  It has a slanted top shelf unit with 3 shelves, a bottom cabinet with 3 dovetailed drawers and side shelf unit.  Dimensions: 36″W x 17.5″D x 64.5″H.  Accessories sold separately.

Stanley hutch shelf unit 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Book Shelf Unit

This is a mid century modern book shelf unit with sliding doors (which are removable), 2 adjustable shelves, and tapered legs.  Dimensions: 34″W x 11″D x 39″H.  Accessories sold separately.

mcm sliding door bookshelf 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Modular Shelving Units

These are 2 mid century modern shelving units. They have 2 cabinets that are height adjustable on their metal legs that run along its sides. The top of both modular shelf units have open cabinets, the bottom cabinet of the first has 3 dovetailed drawers with Danish style wood pulls. The bottom of the second cabinet has 2 doors with Danish style wood pulls and an inside shelf . Dimensions of each cabinet: 36″W x 18″D x 65.5″H overall.  Accessories sold separately.

mcm bookshelf unit all drawers 2.JPGmcm-bookshelf-unit-credenza-bottom-3

Both units are sold.