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Antique Milk Bottles – Vibrant Graphics and Catchy Slogans

These are (3) Antique Milk Bottles with very cool designs. They are all quart size glass milk bottles.

The first milk bottle is from Moore Milk in Lancaster, PA.  The main graphics read: Drink the Protein Nightcap, Fresh Milk.

The second milk bottle is from Shadow Brook Farms in Tunkhannock, PA.  The main graphics read: Stay Slim drink, Shadow Brooks, Gurnz Gold, Multivitamin Non-Fat Milk.  Additional graphics that are a little worn: May we suggest you visit our dairy bar at the farm for refreshment and relaxation.

The third milk bottle is from Stephens Bros in Carbondale, PA.  Stephens Bros is at the top of the milk bottle in upraised letters.

3 milk bottles 1

All bottles are sold.