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Mid Century Modern Cabinet by Stanley

This is a mid century modern sliding door cabinet by Stanley.  It has 2 sliding doors that can also be removed and used as an open shelf unit.  It has a shelf inside that is also adjustable, or removable.  This multi-function piece can be utilized as a record cabinet, bar, or any storage use.  Dimensions: 32″W x 18″D x 30″H.

Stanley sliding door cabinet 1


Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet

This is a mid century modern record cabinet with 2 sliding doors, record slat dividers, and a bottom storage drawer.  Dimensions: 28″W x 17.5″D x 31.5″H.

Mcm record cabinet with sliding doors 7


Mid Century Modern China Cabinet Hutch Shelf Unit by BasicWitz

This is a mid century modern china cabinet hutch shelf unit by BasicWitz. The top hutch unit has 2 sliding glass doors that are removable, and 3 shelves. The bottom unit has 2 dovetailed drawers, 2 doors with additional storage below. Accessories sold separately.  Dimensions: 36.5”W x 15”D x 63”H.

BasicWitz china cabinet hutch 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Desk by Hooker

This is a mid century modern desk by Hooker Furniture.  It has a cut out top with a floating design, and tapered legs.  There is a shelf above the drawer unit.  The drawer unit has 2 dovetailed drawers with metal pulls, and 2 dovetailed drawers behind a sliding rattan door.  The desk has a finished back with a bookshelf, so it can be front facing.  Dimensions: 54″W x 25″D x 29.5″H.

Hooker floating desk with bookshelf 2Hooker floating desk with bookshelf 5


Mid Century Modern Credenza

This is a mid century modern credenza with a sculpted accents, a bottom cabinet with 3 sliding doors with a diamond parquet design and shelving inside, 1 dovetailed drawer with brass pulls, and tapered legs.  Dimensions: 48.5″W x 16″D x 30.5″H.

mcm sliding door credenza 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Pair of Side End Table Nightstands

This is a pair of mid century modern pair of side end table nightstands.  They have a pretty 2 tiered design, and a bottom cabinet cubby with sliding doors.  Dimensions: 24″W x 18″D x 24″H.

pair of 2 tiered nightstands withsliding doors 4.JPG



Mid Century Modern Sliding Door Cabinet

This is a mid century modern cabinet with sliding doors that have subtle curved handles.  It has a shelf that is also removable, so that the cabinet can be used for record storage.  Dimensions: 31.5″W x 15.5″D x 27.5″H.

mcm teak sliding door cabinet 1mcm teak sliding door cabinet 2


Mid Century Modern Paul McCobb for the Planner Group Modular Cabinet Pieces

This is a beautiful cabinet designed by Paul McCobb for the Planner Group.  It has a bottom sliding door cabinet, paired with a top modular drawer unit.  The cabinet has an adjustable shelf, the top unit has 4 dovetailed drawers with brass knobs.  This piece is maker’s marked on the back and in the drawer. Dimensions: Top drawer unit: 36″W x 12″D x 6″H.  Bottom drawer unit: 36″W x 18″D x 33.5″H. Overall total height of pieces combined: 39.5″H.

Paul McCobb Planner Group cabinet 1.JPG

Paul McCobb Planner Group cabinet 2.JPG


Mid Century Modern Book Shelf Unit

This is a mid century modern book shelf unit with sliding doors (which are removable), 2 adjustable shelves, and tapered legs.  Dimensions: 34″W x 11″D x 39″H.  Accessories sold separately.

mcm sliding door bookshelf 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Credenza

This is a mid century modern sliding door credenza in the style of John Van Koert.  It has 2 sliding doors with parquet design and inside shelving unit, 4 dovetailed drawers with silver thumbprint pulls, and tapered metal tipped legs.  Dimensions: 52″W x 18″D x 32″H.

mcm sliding door credenza with dovetaled drawers 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Credenza from Hooker’s Mainline Collection

This is a mid century modern sliding door credenza from Hooker’s Mainline collection.  It has carved handles, a streamlined design, and arched base with tapered legs.  The left compartment has a pull out drawer, the middle compartment has a pull out shelf, the right compartment has 3 dovetailed drawers.  Dimensions: 64″W x 19″D x 31″H.mcm-credenza-with-sliding-door-cabinets-4



Mid Century Modern Shelf Unit with Record Storage by Mastercraft

This is a mid century modern shelf unit by Mastercraft.  It has record storage slats on both sides of the sliding door bottom cabinet, and splayed legs.  Dimensions: 36″ W x 16.5″ D x 35″ H.

Mastercraft record shelf unit 1