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Mid Century Modern Knut Hesterberg Propeller Base Coffee Table

This is a mid century modern round coffee table with glass top, and heavy aluminum sculpted propeller base.  Designed by Knut Hesterberg for Ronald Schmitt.  Dimensions: 40″ diameter, 15.5″H.

mcm propeller base coffee table 3.JPG


Mid Century Modern Propeller Coffee Table

This is a mid century modern coffee table with a glass top and a solid wood base.  The base has a gorgeous propeller design.  Dimensions: 31″ diameter for glass top, 19″H overall.

mid century modern propeller table 1


MCM Free Form Glass Coffee Table with Propeller Base

This is a mid century modern propeller style coffee table. It has a free form glass top and the base has a sleek polished metal base. Reminiscent of the sea, this table is a beautiful combination of oceanic and nautical themes.

Dimensions: 44″W x 16″D x 41″H