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Mid Century Modern Signed Studio Pottery

These are 2 mid century modern studio pottery vases from Denmark and Israel.  The first vase is from Denmark, with a diamond design in a dark ocean blue.  Dimensions: 4.5″ diameter x 4.5″H.  The second vase is from Israel by Lapid, with an abstract modern design, in earth tones.  Dimensions: 4.5″ diameter, 4″H.

1 Danish blue pottery vase (left) is available: $55

1 Lapid Israel pottery vase (right) is sold.

Mid Century Modern Pair of Pottery Lamps

This is a pair of beautiful mid century modern turquoise pottery lamps with shades. Dimensions: 11″diameter x 29″H to finial.

pottery globe lamps 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Pottery Cats by Rosemary Taylor

These are two mid century modern signed studio pottery cats by the artist Rosemary Taylor.  This ceramicist was known for her unglazed earthenware style and simple clean design.  Dimensions: 3.5″W x 3.75″D x 8.5″H.

Rosemary Taylor cats 1


Mid Century Modern Studio Pottery from West Germany

These are 2 mid century modern studio pottery vases from West Germany by Kaiser.  They have abstract floral designs in a white bisque.  Scroll over pics for measurements.  The second vase is signed by Manfred Frey.

Both vases are sold.

Mid Century Modern Pairs of Table Lamps

These are 3 pairs of mid century modern table lamps.  The first is a pair of pottery lamps by Haeger in a pretty chartreuse.  The second is a pair of pottery lamps in a pop of turquoise.  The third is a pair of spiralling white pottery lamps with brass bases.


All 3 pairs of lamps are sold.

Pair of Mid Century Modern Table Lamps

This is a pair of mid century modern brass and wood table lamps with an undulating design.


Mid Century Modern Pottery Lamp with Woven Design

This is a mid century modern pottery lamp. It is a rich warm color with a woven design. It comes with a retro cream lampshade that accents the lamp’s design and adds to its illumination.

Dimensions: 36.5″H x 8″base diameter

1 sold in a Picked Vintage sale on


Mid Century Modern Drip Glazed Pottery Lamps

These are two pairs of mid century modern drip glazed pottery lamps in chocolate brown and aqua green.

Chocolate Brown pottery dimensions: 28″H x 6″ base diameter

Aqua Green pottery dimensions: 29″H x 7″ base diameter

Pair of chocolate brown lamps sold.

Pair of aqua green lamps sold.