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Mid Century Modern Pair of Side End Tables by Bassett

This is a pair of mid century modern pair of round side end tables by Bassett.  They have round glass inserts and beautiful sculpted bases.  Dimensions: 28″D x 20.5″H.

pair of Bassett round glass topped side tables 1


Mid Century Modern Glass Topped Coffee Table and Matching Side End Table

This is a mid century modern glass topped coffee table and matching side end table.   Both tables have a glass inserted top, and splayed leg design.  The coffee table has a bottom shelf.  Coffee table: 47″W x 20″D x 15.5″H.  Side end table: 29″W x 17.5″D x 21″H.

mcm glass insert coffee table 1.JPG

mcm glass insert side table 2

Both tables are sold.

Mid Century Modern Glass Top Side Table

This is a mid century modern side end table with a solid wood sculpted cross base and a round glass insert: 28″diameter x 20″H.

mcm glass insert round side table 1


Mid Century Modern Cross Base Side Tables

These are 2 mid century modern round side tables with signature cross bases.  They have solid wood bases, one of the tables has a glass insert in the top.  Dimensions of glass insert cross base table: 28″diameter x 20″H.  Dimensions of solid wood top cross base table: 28″diameter x 21″H.

mcm glass insert round side table 1

mcm round cross base side table 1

Both tables are sold.

Broyhill Cathedral Coffee Table

This is a mid century modern coffee table from the Broyhill Cathedral collection.  It has a solid wood base and a glass insert.  The solid wood base has the signature splayed leg design which is accented through the glass.  Dimensions: 40″ diameter x 16″H.

Broyhill cathedral round coffee table