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Mid Century Modern Tall Dresser Armoire from the Kent Coffey Foreteller Series

This is a mid century modern tall dresser armoire from the Kent Coffey Foreteller series.  It has 2 dovetailed drawers in a top cabinet with doors, 3 bottom dovetailed drawers with brass handles, and an arched base with tapered legs.  Dimensions: 44″W x 20″D x 51.5″H.

Kent Coffey Foreteller tall dresser armoire 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Armoire Tall Dressers by Kent Coffey

These are 2 mid century modern armoire dressers by Kent Coffey.  The first is from the Kent Coffey Sharon collection.  It has beautiful brass drawer knobs and pulls, 5 dovetailed drawers, and brass tipped tapered legs: 40″W x 20″D x 48″H.  The second is from the Kent Coffey Foreteller collection.  It also has 5 dovetailed drawers, with a streamlined design and brass handles: 42″W x 18.5″D x 45″H.

Kent Coffey Sharon armoire tall dresser 4

Kent Coffey Foreteller armoire dresser 1

Both tall dressers are sold.