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Posts tagged ‘butterfly’

Vintage Brazilian Butterfly Serving Tray

This is a vintage handmade butterfly serving tray from Brazil.  The solid wood tray is bordered with inlaid marquetry.  Under the glass top, it features a vibrant iridescent blue butterfly in the middle, framed by semi-circles of smaller wings, with a pop of yellow wings in the background.  Dimensions: 20″W x 13″D x 1″H.

vintage butterfly tray 1

1 Vintage Butterfly tray is available: $95

Mid Century Modern Brutalist Butterfly Wall Sculpture

This is a mid century modern Brutalist metal wall hanging sculpture of butterflies.  Dimensions: 8.5″W x 4″D x 30″H.

Brutalist butterly sculpture 1

1 mcm Brutalist butterfly sculpture is available: $155

Vintage Shag Art Wall Hangings

These are 3 vintage shag art wall hanging.  The first is a sailboat at sunset scene: 27″W x 38″H.  The second is a monarch butterfly: 16″W x 16″H.  The third is flowers: 15″W x 40″H.  Please check captions for prices and availability.

All shag art hanging are sold.

Mid Century Modern Fiberglass Bullet Planters by Kimball

These are mid century modern fiberglass bullet planters by Kimball that we recently sold.  The pair has a butterfly pressed leaf design, the single planter is a vibrant shade of green.

All planters are sold.