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Mid Century Modern Cabinet

This is a mid century modern 2 door cabinet with brass pulls, and beautiful splayed brass legs. It has an adjustable shelf inside. Dimensions: 34″W x 18″D x 32″H.

1 Mcm cabinet with brass legs is available: $650

Mid Century Modern Cabinet by John Van Koert for Drexel

This is a mid century modern cabinet from Drexel’s Profile series designed by John Van Koert. It has their signature curved design, curved nickel pulls, and tapered legs. The shelves inside are adjustable. Dimensions: 34″W x 14″D x 32″H.


Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Credenza by Poul Hundevad

This is a mid century modern Danish teak credenza designed by Poul Hundevad, with sliding doors and curved pulls. The left side cabinet has1 utility drawer. The right side has 2 adjustable shelves. A shelf can also be placed on the left side underneath the drawer. Dimensions: 54.5″W x 17.5″D x 26.5″H.


Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Tambour Door Credenza

This is a Danish teak console credenza with easy sliding tambour doors. It has 4 adjustable shelves (2 shown in pic, 2 more included), a clean curved design with complementary rounded door pulls. Dimensions: 47″Q x 20″D x 26″H.


Mid Century Modern Credenza by Drexel

This is a mid century modern credenza from Drexel’s “Composite” collection designed by Barney Flagg. It has three cabinets with rattan doors with brass pulls, and a beautiful sculpted base. The two side cabinets have six dovetailed drawers and the middle cabinet has an adjustable shelf. Dimensions: 66″W x 20″D x 31″H.


Mid Century Modern Mini Credenza Cabinet by Willett

This is a mid century modern mini credenza cabinet designed by Willett, made for J.B. Van Sciver. It has a gorgeous dovetailed design on top, 1 utility drawer, a bottom cabinet with an adjustable shelf, brass knobs and tapered legs. Dimensions: 36″W x 18″D 30.5″H.


Mid Century Modern Mini Credenza

This is a mid century modern mini credenza with 1 dovetailed drawer with metal pulls, and a bottom cabinet with sliding doors and an adjustable shelf inside, and tapered legs. Dimensions: 36″W x 16″D x 33″H.


Mid Century Modern Mini Teak Bar Cabinet

This is a mid century modern mini teak bar storage cabinet.  It has 2 locking doors with its original key, and 3 adjustable shelves (2 are shown in the pics below).  Dimensions: 26.5″W x 9″D x 34″H.

Teak mini cabinet 1Teak mini cabinet 3


Mid Century Modern Danish Teak Corner Shelving Unit

This is a mid century modern Danish teak corner shelving unit with 6 shelves.  The top 5 shelves are adjustable and/or removable depending on your preference of arrangement.  Dimensions: 37″W x 20″D x 76.5″H.

Danish Teak Corner Shelving Unit 1


Mid Century Modern Cabinet by Stanley

This is a mid century modern sliding door cabinet by Stanley.  It has 2 sliding doors that can also be removed and used as an open shelf unit.  It has a shelf inside that is also adjustable, or removable.  This multi-function piece can be utilized as a record cabinet, bar, or any storage use.  Dimensions: 32″W x 18″D x 30″H.

Stanley sliding door cabinet 1


Mid Century Modern Credenza by Lane

This is a mid century modern credenza by Lane.  It has a beautiful vertical angled slat design incorporated into the cabinet door handles.  There are 2 cabinets, the left has 1 dovetailed drawer, the right has an adjustable shelf.  Dimensions: 60″W x 18″D x 30″H.

Lane credenza 1.JPG


Mid Century Modern Pair of Side End Table Nightstands

This is a pair of mid century modern side end table nightstands with a cubed design, doors with brass pulls and brass tipped tapered legs.  Inside each is an adjustable shelf. Dimensions: 22″W x 18″D x 24.5″H.

mcm pair of cube side end table nightstands 1.JPG