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Mid Century Modern Seagull Wood Block Print by Alec Cowan

This is a mid century modern wood block print of seagulls signed by the artist Alec Cowan.  Dimensions: 23.5″W x 19.5″H.

Alec Cowan Seagulls wood block print 1


Mid Century Modern Owl Art on Metal

This is a mid century modern framed abstract of an owl of wood on metal.  Dimensions: 16″W x 24″H.

mcm owl wood art on metal 1.JPG


Vintage Framed Bedazzled Cats

This is a pair of fun vintage pictures of cats.  We have 2 cats available: 1 black, 1 Siamese (gold).  They are bedazzled with sequins: 8.5″W x 24″H.

PV9021#1 PV9022#1

Both cats are sold.

Vintage Museum Prints: Chagall, Mucha, Epko, Kischka

These are vintage international and domestic museum prints.

Chagall: 30″W x 40″H,    Mucha: 17″W x 46″H,    Epko: 19″W x 25″H,    Kischka: 20″W x 27″H

All art is sold.

Sold in our July sale!

Hi PV’ers!  Check out what sold in our July Sale!

Sold in our March sale on!

Check out what we sold on in our March sale!

Vintage Mid Century Modern Woven Wall Art – Geometric Shapes and Sunburst Design

These are authentic vintage mid century modern woven wall art pieces.  The beautiful transparent design fabrics are stretched over a solid wood frame.  Really great pieces to accent your mid century modern room and home.

Dimensions: Geometric shape design: 46.5″L x 26″W        Sunburst design: 23″L x 23″W

Both wall art pieces sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

The New Yorker Cover, View of the World from 9th Avenue – March 29, 1976 by Saul Steinberg

This is a large vintage print of a cover of the New Yorker magazine.  It is titled “View of the World from 9th Avenue.  It was made March 29, 1976 by Saul Steinberg.  There is a bit of comedy in the scale and placement of the surrounding areas.  It is framed without glass.  The print is in great condition.

Dimensions: 28:W x 40.5″H


Vintage Scotch Whisky Advertising Sign – Slainte!

This is a Vintage Scotch Whisky Advertising Sign in great condition! The brand is White Horse Cellar.
The first pic is of the actual advertising sign we are selling.  The second pic is a stock label just to show the brand.

Dimensions: 21″H x 14″W


Vintage Philadelphia Manayunk Neighborhood Sign – Mounted and Framed

a Vintage Manayunk Sign in great condition! Manayunk is one of Philadelphia’s neighborhood communities that has a great history. This print is mounted and framed.
The print shows the different milestones in the development of this community. Have some Vintage Philly with pride!

Dimensions: 20″W x 25″H