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Posts from the ‘Miscellaneous’ Category

Vintage Globe by George H. Cram

This is a vintage globe by the George F. Cram Company. Great retro look with a metal base and colorful graphics.  Where did yours sit back in the day?  For me: classroom windowsill 🙂

Dimensions: 18″H

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Vintage Peacock Woven Art Piece

This is a vintage framed woven art piece of a peacock. Vibrant and artfully threaded, this piece has a great retro look.

Dimensions: 17″W x 21″H

1 sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Antique Industrial Two Tiered Push Cart

This is an antique industrial rolling push cart with a gorgeous green patina.  It has that great weathered look, two spacious tiers, and two drawers that can be have small locks placed on them if desired.  This piece is truly on of our favorites.

Dimensions: 38.5″ x 24″D x 30″H

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Mid Century Modern Record Rack with Sunburst Design

This is a mid century modern record rack with a sunburst design.  It is made of metal, has a great retro vintage design, and can also function as a side end table.  Store your favorite records, magazines or books, and accentuate your mcm look.

Dimensions: 20″W x 14″D x 26″H

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Antique Hand Painted Steel Trunk

This is an antique steel trunk with hand painted lettering and design.  On the top lid of the trunk are the initials “AR”.  On the sides of the trunk it says “Art Rimback Moscow Idaho”.  This piece has it all: art, travel, age, rustic, folk, industrial.

Dimensions:  30″W x 18″D  x 11″D

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Antique Industrial File Box by Cole Steel

This is an antique industrial file box by Cole Steel Equipment Co. in NY.  It was made for the Lamb Brothers Stationers in Philadelphia.  It has a top compartment that flips open with original file folders inside, has a lower compartment, steel curved handles, and is on casters.  Very cool industrial piece for accent and function.

Dimensions: 24″W x 13.2″D x 30″H


Antique Lipper & Mann “Great Composer Series” Busts – Bach, Schumann, and Unknown?

This is a set of three busts imported by Lipper & Mann in the 1940’s.  These are from the “Great Composer Series” and consist of Schumann, Bach and Unknown/Unnamed.  The porcelain figures are in excellent condition.

Dimension: 6″H

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Mid Century Modern Eames Style Fiberglass Bullet Planters

These are mid century modern Eames style fiberglass bullet planters, in black and pink.  They have metal tripod stands.

Dimensions: 14″diameter x 18.5″H

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Antique Magazine Racks – Scallop Design & Shabby Chic Harp

These are two solid wood antique magazine racks with a lot of character.  The first is a scallop design that fans out on both sides.  Lots of room for mags and simply beautiful.  The second is a harp design mag rack that has a really neat shabby chic look.

Dimensions: Scallop: 15″w x 15″D x 12″H   Harp:15.5″W x 8.5″D x 15.5″H

1 Harp Mag Rack is sold.

Scallop Mag rack sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Vintage Industrial Lock Box with Key

This is a really cool vintage industrial lock box.  It flips open and has an upper compartment with dividers as well as a lower door compartment with a shelf.  Both compartments lock with a key.

Dimensions: 12.5″W x 8″D x 21.5″H

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Vintage Cube Teak Box

This is a vintage cube teak storage box made of solid wood.  Store your things with style.

Dimensions: 16″ cubed


Vintage Danish Style Magazine Rack

This is a vintage Danish Style magazine rack.  It is made of solid wood and is foldable.  Both sides of the magazine rack have a different wood pattern for a great juxtaposed design.

Dimensions: 20″W x 14″H


Vintage Mid Century Modern Woven Wall Art – Geometric Shapes and Sunburst Design

These are authentic vintage mid century modern woven wall art pieces.  The beautiful transparent design fabrics are stretched over a solid wood frame.  Really great pieces to accent your mid century modern room and home.

Dimensions: Geometric shape design: 46.5″L x 26″W        Sunburst design: 23″L x 23″W

Both wall art pieces sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Vintage Metal Record Shelf Rack –

This is a vintage metal record shelf rack that is in great condition.  Very cool, simple and stylish.

Dimensions: 21.5″W x 17.5″D x 20.5″H


Vintage Pyrex Bowl Sets – Funky and Functional

These are 3 sets of vintage Pyrex bowls.  Each individual set has 3 bowls that fit inside of each other, perfect for storing.  Great condition and awesome designs!

*All sets are SOLD*

Vintage Singer Dress Form with Instruction Card

This is a vintage Singer dress form on a steel stand.  It is in excellent condition and all the measurement panels and height can be adjusted easily.  It is a very cool purple, with an authentic Singer sticker.  There is an dual sided original instruction card also included.

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on

Vintage Wooden Wine Crate for Sandeman Port – Beautiful Graphics!

This is a fabulous vintage crate that was used to transport Sandeman port.  It’s beautifully made with Sandeman embossed on the front and graphics on all for sides including one that says New York. (yay!)  Great for display, books, and general awesomeness.

Dimensions: 17″L x 10″D x 13H”


Antique Vintage Dress Form on Steel Stand

This is an antique vintage dress form on a steel stand.  It is in good condition and the measurement panels can all be adjusted.  Awesome piece!


The New Yorker Cover, View of the World from 9th Avenue – March 29, 1976 by Saul Steinberg

This is a large vintage print of a cover of the New Yorker magazine.  It is titled “View of the World from 9th Avenue.  It was made March 29, 1976 by Saul Steinberg.  There is a bit of comedy in the scale and placement of the surrounding areas.  It is framed without glass.  The print is in great condition.

Dimensions: 28:W x 40.5″H


Vintage Bread Box by Lincoln Beautyware

This is a vintage bread box by Lincoln Beautyware that is in great condition. It is very clean and looks to be made of stainless steel.
Inside there is a small shelf at the top that can store a small bread plate for serving.

Dimensions: 9.5″D x 17″W x 11″H

Sold in a Picked Vintage sale featured on