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Mid Century Modern 2 Tiered Side End Table Nightstands

These are 4 different mid century modern 2 tiered side end table nightstands.  The 1st is by American by Martinsville, has brass accented legs, and one dovetailed drawer with a carved pull: 27.5″W x 20.5″D x Bottom tier: 16″H, Top tier: 21″H.  The 2nd is from the Lane Copenhagen series, with their signature brass tipped tapered legs: 29″W x 20″D x BT: 16″H, TT: 24.5″H. The  3rd is from the Lane Acclaim Series, with their signature dovetailed design and tapered legs: 20″W x 28″D x BT: 14″H, TT: 21″H.  The 4th has an organic design with a rattan top and bottom tier, and tapered legs: 19″W x 25″D x BT: 11″H, TT: 22″H.

All tables are sold.