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Mid Century Modern High & Low Dressers, and Matching Bachelor Dresser by Stanley

These are 3 mid century modern dressers by Stanley.  All 3 dressers have their signature silver accented dovetailed drawers.  The tall dresser has 5 dovetailed drawers: 36″W x 18″D x 43.5″H.  The low dresser credenza has 6 dovetailed drawers: 52″W x 18″D x 30″H. The bachelor dresser has 3 dovetailed drawers: 32″W x 18″D x 30″H.

Stanley tall dresser 1.JPG

Stanley low dresser credenza 1

Stanley bachelor dresser 1

1 Stanley tall dresser high boy is available: $650

1 Stanley low dresser credenza is sold.

1 Stanley bachelor chest dresser is available: $395